Bembe' Cincinnati is a Dance Company focused on the Cuban Culture and it's dances.

We teach Casino, Rueda de Casino, Son, and Rumba.

Casino, is a Cuban dance that has a very similar look to Salsa dancing.  There are 2 major differences between Cuban Casino dancing and NY (On2) or LA (On1) style salsa dancing.

1st, we dance on all 8 counts. Meaning, we don't have pauses on the beats 4 and 8.

2nd, we move in a circular pattern, always dancing with and around each other, instead of a "slot" position that the partners rely on to move back and forth.

Rueda de Casino, is a group of dancers, dancing together in a circle. Rueda means Wheel in Spanish. We teach classes that share our unique Bembe' styling while expressing the movements and connection of the Casino dance. While dancing Casino has no rules... Dancing in a Rueda has a specific structure and flow. The group tries to respond to the "Caller" and move in a specific pattern while maintaining the "wheel".

Son, is a Cuban dance that focused on dancing to the 2nd beat instead of the 1st. It's origins are why we have Salsa dancing in the world today. Dancing Son allows us to express ourselves while dancing more closely to the musical beats that the artists are intending for us to listen to. It's a close, structured dancing style that we will use to make a more musical connect with our partners.

Rumba, is an individual and partner dance. We have a different style of music and movements that help us connect with the Musicians and our Partners.

We focus on building dancers that understand music, leading your partner, following your partner, footwork and body movement. Great Cuban dancers can dance any song, with any person.

Our ultimate goal is to have a group that uses the Cuban dancing culture to share the love and passion to others.