We have a number of different class options and Prices to match what you are looking for.

6 Week Cuban Salsa Series

September 17th - 4:00pm - 5:00pm


Never danced Latin dances before? Danced in clubs, but never taken any classes?

This is the class for you!

We start with footwork and then teach partner work, musicality and body movements.

$60 - 6 Hours of Classes (6 straight weeks of classes in a series)

Week 1: Basic Cuban Movements and Patterns

Week 2: Cuban Salsa

Week 3: Cuban Moves and Patterns

Week 4: Rueda de Casino

Week 5: Rueda de Casino - Group Moves

Week 6: Putting it all together!!


Another Option for those that have kids, or when travel

or work interrupts your weekends. 

2 Hour - Intro to Cuban Dancing Private

Special Pricing !! 

Never danced Latin dances before? Want to try in out in a safe environment for the first time? Schedules get in the way?

This is the private class for you!

We will teach you an open and closed position with the 4 core Cuban Salsa moves that make up all of the movements you will need to know for other classes.

$80 $60 - 2 Hours of Private Classes.

Please message us on Facebook or through Email and set up your time! 

You Will Learn

Salsa footwork

Open and Closed Positions

4 core Cuban Salsa moves

Dancing to Music by the end!!!

Group Classes:


Levels 2-5: (Rueda de Casino)  2:00-3:00pm 

This class is focused on Rueda de Casino. All levels are welcome! We work on couples moves and group moves that will have you dancing in any Rueda (wheel)  ***Must have taken the Level 1 Classes and passed the requirements for this class***

Level 2-5: (Casino):   3:00-4:00pm 

This class adds complex sequences and timing for Casino Dancing (Cuban Salsa). We will work on details of dancing related the music, timing and flow of the core moves. This class will expand the leaders movements and the followers ability to understand the leader's movements. We will work on sequences that will challenge anyone at any level. The focus of this class is Social Dancing  ***Must have taken the Level 2 Classes and passed the requirements for this class***

Level 1:  (6 week series):   4:00-5:00pm 



Performance Team:   7:00-9:00pm (Open Tryouts)

This time is reserve for all students looking to perform and understand the complex requirements of timing, musicality and connection. We have already completed learning the Performance for 2017. We will begin working on 2018 in the fall. ***Please inquire if you are interested in joining the Bembe Performance Team!***


Level 5/6:  Cuban Salsa (Casino):  7:00-9:00pm 

This class is the follow up to the Level 4 Class. This level requires the highest level of balance, movement and attention. We will work on the different versions of Casino; adding in Son and Rumba. This level is all about Musicality.  ***Must have taken the Level 4 Series and passed the requirements for this class***



Discount Cards for Group Classes are available for multiple purchases

$100 - 10 Hours (Can be taken in any combination of classes)
$50 Monthly Unlimited Special


Private Lessons are available (Discounts for small groups up to 4)

$60 for 90 Minute Individual Lessons
$250 for 5 - 90 Minute Individual Lessons

Group Private Lessons for Companies, Parties and Festivals are available upon request. Please contact us for information



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